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Speaker:  Rich Harrison

Topic:  Behavior

Date:  November 15, 2016

Time:  8:30-3:00

Location:  Newton, KS

Regional Update

Upcoming Central Region Meeting:  Dr. Rich Harrison, Project Stay behavior consultant, presents on Behavior Interventions and Strategies on November 15, 2016 in Newton, KS.  Rich will have an interactive presentation discussing using a District-wide Universal behavior collection and how IEP behavioral goals for school psychs and social workers can be streamlined from the Universal behavior card.  Rich will also enlighten us on 7 common functions of problematic school behaviors and the emotional responses of school staff during interventions surrounding explosive behaviors.  If time allows, we may also get a glimpse as to how fit bits can help decrease anxiety in the public school setting.

A Note from Jessica:  I hope everyone is settling into the busy year and not getting too stacked with all the requests that came from fall conferences. I am really excited about our Central Region meeting on November 15 and look forward to seeing those that can attend. Also, start thinking of other key topics you would like to have at a meeting next year.  The KASP board has been working hard at trying to think of more effective ways to promote our profession and help others see the need and demand. During school psych week, I challenge everyone to talk to someone new about what our profession is. I know it is hard to tell people in a few words when there is so much versatility to what we do! My goal is talk to one high school class and maybe an elementary class. There are some really great resources through NASP to help start the conversations and make us more visible! Please feel free to email or ask any other questions you have! 

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