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KASP Student News and Updates

Student Representative Contact information -

Name: Shannon Vail Spadoni

Email: shannon.vail@ku.edu

Upcoming events

Student Meeting News

KASP is moving toward increased student involvement and opportunities for school psychology students across the state to meet, collaborate, and learn.  

KASP Fall Conference 2021 will include a special student session to facilitate discussions and learning opportunities. Details to come!

Student Representative Update

One of KASP's goals is to increase student involvement; we would like to learn about what school psychology students may find useful from their state level organization. Please contact your student rep, Shannon Vail Spadoni, at shannon.vail@ku.edu, with suggestions about how we can provide better services for school psychologists in training! 

About Your Student Representative

Shannon Vail Spadoni is a School Psychology Ed.S. student at University of Kansas.  

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